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Natural Environment

Agios Georgios is built on a hill near the Elia valley and enjoys the view of the Adelfoi forest. Its uncultivated pieces of land take up approximately 8 km² and are mainly covered by wild vegetation.

While strolling around the village, one gets to encounter pear, nectarine, plum, apple, walnut, almond, citrus fruit and olive trees.  What is also noteworthy is that the residents of the village mainly deal with the cultivation of olive trees, as this is mentioned below, as well as of almond trees, early apples, plums and potatoes.  

Olive cultivation is highly developed in Agios Georgios. In fact, the valley formed by the Elia River is full of olive trees. In contrast to olive cultivation which are widely developed (More: Olive Cultivation), viticulture has been abandoned since the decade of the 1970s due to the continuous drought that struck the area and the costly production procedure. In the past, the residents also dealt with viticulture. There is in fact an area which is called “Ampelia” (Vines), where only vines used to be cultivated. However, cultivation was abandoned even in this area for all the above reasons.     

As far as the flora of the Community is concerned, in the study that was conducted in relation to the Master Plan, the following are noted: “The vegetation in the study area interchanges harmonically creating beautiful natural vegetation scenery including thymes, low bushes and trees. Also, one finds cultivations of peaches, apples, almonds and olives. Both the Adelfoi forest and the wider region on the foothills of the Troodos mountain range enrich the flora of the Community”*(p.55).

The fauna of Agios Georgios presents the features of the fauna of the wider region and this includes hares, mice, bats, falcons, partridges, owls, Eurasian magpies, Cyprus snakes, star lizards and echidnas.  

Finally, two greenery areas have been created in the village. One of them consists of pine trees and some cypresses and it was created by the Community Council, whereas the other one consists of pine trees, carob trees, traditional bushes and it was created by the Reforestation Department.  


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